Our Service

We believe that excellent service is more than a matter of course – it is essential. From your first contact with our company and your sales consultation until you collect or receive your jewellery order, we aim to provide you with an utterly exceptional shopping experience in every way.

We make jewellery shopping a transparent process

We know just how confusing buying jewellery can be, and how important it is to receive well-founded professional advice. We take all the time you need and advise you in depth – by telephone, email or personally in our store. With professional expertise, transparency and sincere personal advice, we assist you in finding the perfect piece for yourself or for your loved one or family.

Bringing individuality to sparkling life

Your wishes are our primary focus. We aim to work with you to design a unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that exceeds your expectations. Whether you select a piece from one of our collections or choose an individual design, every RENÉSIM piece is meticulously hand-crafted exclusively for you by our goldsmiths and gemstone setters.

Your jewellery – a matter close to our hearts

At RENÈSIM, your jewellery is in the very best hands. A little TLC, professional cleaning and occasional polishing, and your precious jewellery will stay as fresh and sparkling as it was on the very first day you wore it. And if an accident – large or small – happens, one of our goldsmiths will restore your piece to its original condition with expert service or repair as necessary. To ensure the pleasure you take in your jewellery never expires!


  • Outstanding quality

  • 100% customization

  • Conflict-free diamonds


  • Personal consultation

  • We take all the time you need

  • Full transparency


  • Free delivery

  • Neutral packaging

  • Secure delivery by courier