Inside Out Collection

Purple Edition

Beautiful gemstones in strikingly unique settings

The gemstones in this collection are captured in sophisticated inside out designs - with a reversed setting. This contrasts strikingly with the various shapes of the cuts, while creating a fascinatingly harmonious whole. The sweeping lines of the cabochon-cut gems stand out against the tiny faceted culets in the pave elements, bringing a refreshing individual touch and elegant intricacy to these pieces.

Earrings with Amethysts

These earrings feature a sumptuous combination of extremely different, sublimely stylish gemstone cuts.

Their amethyst teardrops and rings in glowing lilac are complemented with softly rounded square pavé elements on a 18-carat rose gold (750) base, creating a design that is truly unique.

Inspiration born of tradition

Our Creative Director, Maximilian Hemmerle, drew inspiration from the work of his father, Franz Hemmerle, to create this captivating small collection of earrings, bangle and ring. We are happy to produce these designs in a wide range of colours to match your taste.

Ring with Cabochon Amethyst

A beautiful composition in which the flowing lines of a cabochon-cut amethyst are highlighted by a contrasting "inside-out" pavé surround.

A wealth of design options

The versions pictured here are crafted from amethysts in a host of different colours and shapes, warm rose gold and distinctive rosewood. They provide a magnificently harmonious introduction to the world of our Inside Out Collection.
Be inspired by our designs! With our assistance, create a one-of-a-kind Inside Out piece in the hues and materials of your choice.
Enquire about individual Inside Out Collection creations

Rosewood Bangle

The luscious, deep sheen of precious rosewood gives this piece its distinctive character.