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Natural RENÉSIM First Choice® Diamonds

The total number of diamonds available for sale throughout the world is far in excess of one million. These diamonds are all different, both in their characteristics – which are classified into 25 categories – and their price.

We are experts at evaluating exactly what counts in a diamond. In our opinion, our current range of diamonds represents the very finest gems we are able to source from world diamond markets – and in our opinion, they offer the very best value for money.

At RENÉSIM, we focus our search on diamonds with supremely harmonious quality characteristics. Just as with human character, what counts is not the total number of individual features, but the overall appearance they create in combination.

Applying our wealth of experience, we use state-of-the-art software to comb the world’s diamond markets many times a day in our quest for what we believe are the most beautiful diamonds. Global markets may throw up strongly diverging prices for diamonds of the same quality. We base our prices for individual diamonds on the best daily global prices that are available.