RENÉSIM Grace Earrings

A fresh interpretation of a thoroughly regal piece of jewellery

Grace Kelly - so iconic, so unique

Actress, Oscar winner, Princess of Monaco, and so much more; Grace Kelly peerlessly captured the glamour and the dreams of a world of elegance and assured style, which shaped the fashion of an era and beyond.
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings – portrait of Grace Kelly
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings details

Reinventing historic jewellery

Maximilian Hemmerle, founder and Creative Director of RENÉSIM, had the idea of reinventing an exceptional item of jewellery from the glorious era of Princess Grace of Monaco.
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings are resplendent pieces that enthral our very DNA. René Sim Lacaze - Maximilian Hemmerle's grandfather, after whom RENÉSIM is named - was Head of Design at van Cleef & Arpels and created magnificent jewellery with and for Grace Patricia. These pieces played a formative role in driving the development of design in haute joaillerie; even today, they still serve as inspiration for exceptional one-of-a-kind jewellery.

All the glamour of bygone times, enhanced by the comfort of today.
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings – Style 1
Style 1
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings – Style 2
Style 2
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings – Style 3
Style 3
The circle of hand-selected diamonds in navette cut has a sophisticated design feature:

The diamonds are set in two detachable layers, allowing the earrings to be matched to the formality of the occasion - from subtly understated for everyday wear to the finishing touch for a stunning ceremonial outfit.
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings – Style 2
RENÉSIM Grace Earrings – Style 3

The sphere in the centre can be individually designed in consultation with RENÉSIM.

From sleek rose gold (matt or polished) to pavé diamonds or a single glowing Tahiti pearl, any colour combination from cool to warm can be selected at any time.
If you would like more information about this masterpiece of jewellery, simply contact us - or visit us at the RENÉSIM Store in the heart of Munich.