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Fairtrade Gold at RENÉSIM

Hand-crafted jewellery made from ethically sourced gold.

RENÉSIM – Fine Jewellery. Official Fairtrade licensee for ethically sourced gold.

The Fairtrade philosophy is deeply rooted in a charter of goals including the creation of a sustainable future for miners, their families and the communities in which they live. The organisation supports sustainable protection for small mining businesses, their people and the environment in which they operate.
Fairtrade Gold Logo
Components of the Fairtrade Standards:
Banning child labour and forced labour
Health protection and accident prevention for miners
Resource-efficient and ethical gold mining activities
Facilitating legalization and formalization
Responsible use of chemicals, as well as minimizing their ultilization
Financial security through Fairtrade minimum prices
Fairtrade bonuses for joint ventures
Strict environmental standards that focus on people

Pieces of jewellery that shine twofold

At RENÉSIM you can find a selection of wedding rings and other jewels from our RENÉSIM Gold Classics Collection hand-crafted in certified Fairtrade gold.

Our Gold Classics Collection – a variety of classic pieces of jewellery hand-crafted in Fairtrade Gold.
Our wedding rings – say yes with our wedding rings in ethically sourced Fairtrade Gold.

Personalized Jewellery in Fairtrade Gold

We will help you create personalized jewels, which are crafted in ethically sourced gold and therefore poses a truly unique intrinsic value – perfected with the Fairtrade certification.